Content Marketing
Content marketing services are one of the most beneficial components for businesses.
Activity Feed
The line of communication is open with a brand-new, high-quality activity feed available.
No more back and forth phone tag trying to chase down your latest article, your feed will showcase how much effort is going into your site.
Real-Time Report
If you need to know what’s going on with your articles, everything is going to be out in the open to blur the line of miscommunication.
You’ll see a date and time stamp, the name of the content writer, and a link straight to the page!
Constant Updates
Every time one of our professional writers completes a task, you’ll get an email with all the essential information.
Inside, a link will bring you straight to your newest content piece, so you can reach out and let us know what you think!
Content Calendar
To ensure that no article topic is repeated, a content calendar will be updated each month with the information that has already posted.
Specific locations, products, or news topics will be notated to keep your website fresh with current writings.
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Starting in 2017 with only one customer, we’ve expanded into a full-blown digital marketing agency providing outstanding services to several companies in different industries.
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